4th March 1987

03 Sep

Got a letter from Jon, he obviously hasn’t received mine! He says he wants to meet me this Sunday – so that should be ok for this week. I’m i/2 looking forward to it, 1/2 dreading it. I’ll have to get there first – I can hang around, smoking and he has to come up to me!! If he’s foul I’ll say I have to be home for 3 or something!

I’m giving up being nasty for Lent, it hasn’t really made much difference – except I was actually nice about Daniel’s hair – he’s had it cut short  – it looks ok actually – but so wierd after him always having loads of hair.

Me and Fiona waited today after school for Andy. He was walking up from, Eastern Road so we ran round the corner and casually walked to the busy stop!!! He was with Corin and he ignored us a bit. Then when we got into town me and Fi went to the station and so did they and Andy thought we were following him so he pretended to go another way – but we carried on to the station and he WAS surprised!

I was in the form trivia quiz at lunch – we did shitty and lost by MILES. Drama was a laugh, but we’re all getting a bit pissed off with this soap opera thing – I think we’re performing it next week, so it’ll be over and done with at last!!

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