3rd March, 1987

03 Sep

Today turned out to be another waste of time. Chemistry was a laugh (for me Monica and Carol) cos we wrote this ace poem about how much we love darling Nigel.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, so I’ve got to stop being horrible to/about people.

Peter (in the dining hall) looked dead funny at Break, he was wearing running shorts and a vest T shirt, but he took them off by lunchtime. I took the piss out of hi, and he takes it out of me – we have a real laugh a minute!! I’ve been volunteered by him for an aerobic workout in fete prep week!! I can’t do aerobics to save my life, I used to think I fancied Peter, but I don’t any more – he’s just a laugh and he cheers me up! He’s only 25 though – so if I did fancy him there’s only a 10 yr age gap!

I saw Darren on the way home, he’s had his hair done again – it’s really tight curls – worse than Cow Darby’s and short (straight) at the back and sides. He’s really weird looking. I like him but I’d hate to go out with him.

I had a really enlightening chat with Jenny in English – about when she broke friends with me last year. Apparently there were 2 occasions but I thought she only did it cos of the note me and Katy wrote about how two faced she was!! Obviously the other time was wasted on me!

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