10th March 1987

03 Sep
10th March 1987

Helen C was away today – which made it awful for Helen T, she was in a mood the whole day – she’s supposed to be taking Katy back with her until the dance competition tomorrow but she didn’t say a work to her all day – so Katy doesn’t know what she’s supposed to be doing. No one was speaking to her today. It’s always Helen who everyone gets fed up with and even I get pissed off with her and I try to be friendly to her.

We’re not going to Edwards this SAt, but next Friday or Saturday Abigail and Katie B are having a party and apparently everyone’s going to that, except Helen T who doesn’t know about it, and if asked if we’re going by her, we are definitely NOT becuase ‘it’s going to be crap’.

I have given up on Andy – I hardly ever see him and when I do he’s always with Corim or someone else and I always manage to embarrass myself. I think he likes Fiona anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Tomorrow is our drama thing – the soap operas, ours is crap, we just spent the time in hysterics. I’ll have to by a copy of the Sun tomorrow, to fit in with my part, I don’t know what I’m going to wear, muy school shirt and putrid brown flares, I think – lovely!


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