2nd March 1987

01 Sep

Well the end of another fabulous day at school! Jenny had a real moan about why we bother coming in cos we don’t do any work and spend the whole time dossing about / being bored out of our minds. Physics – as usual was a waste of time – I wish Mr W could teach properly.

In dance we’re supposed to make up a barn dance – which is a bit difficult in a 7 – now that silly cow Rachel has joined, so we always get lumbered with her, not even Ron and Sam want her – and me, Katy, and Helen and Anj certainly don’t!!

There was a netball match between the U6 girls and U5 boys- it was really funny (a draw 4-4). Andy was there – his chin has really broken out, so he hasn’t been able to shave, and it looks horrible, but I still like him! He was just asking about my photos – but seeing as Dad hasn’t even given in the films yet at the chemist, I don’ think they’ll be back till about Thurs!

I sent the letter to Jon. I was a bit apprehensive about it at school and I haven’t told anyone – but when I told Prachi and Neha that I was going out on a ‘date’ it felt really good, so I think I’m going just for the sake of a boy and getting off with him and hoping he might be alright. He seems a bit of a nob – but then so was Jeremy!

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One response to “2nd March 1987

  1. Wendy

    September 2, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    This blog is just amazing. I love it! What a chance discovery – glad you’re still updating, I need to see how it all turns out (!)


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