1st March 1987

01 Sep

I’ve decided I will post the – will you meet me – letter to Jon. I may as well, seeing as he’s the only likley boy for me at the moment. I’m going to try not to tell anyone at school, cos they’ll only take the piss and if it’s a disaster it’ll be really embarrassing! I hope he is nice – my vague recollections of him when I saw him outside our window were that he was quite nice – not v ugly at least!
Today, as usual for a Sunday – and I write this every week – was pretty boring. The high point of the day was lunch, the rest of the day I watched TV and played piano. I can play loads of Beatles stuff , I want to hold your hand, Yesterday, Let it Be, Imagine and I’m going to try and do Help! I want to commit them to memory so I can play them round at people’s houses well.
I wish there was a party coming up to look forward to, I still haven’t had a chance to suggest one to Andy- I haven’t seen him at all, except in the dinner queue, when… he smiled at me – so I grinned back, realised Jeremy was just in front of him, and so I hope J didn’;t think I was grinning at him – actually I couldn’t care less about him – I’ve certainly got over the time when I thought I fancied him again! Thank god!!
Ron isn’t going to chuck Dan she says – hope that’s true, I think.

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