26th February 1987

12 Nov

I’ve just gone and stapled my thumb. It really hurts so I’m sucking it, as mummy always says. School tomorrow! I’m quite looking forward to it actually- apart from the offchance that I might see Andy – but to see everyone and get back down to work as it were. I’ve got another babysitting job for Monday and probably Tuesday and then the week after that I’ve got Tuesday and Friday for about a month. I’m really raking in the money! I’m going to put another card in the window of the newsagents in the hope I’ll get someone else. It’s a really good moneyspinner. I wrote to two Box numbers out of the Daily News – one was a 17 yr old seeking female for friendship and nights out. The other was male seeks female penfriends. I haven’t sent them yet, I plan to get some stamps after school tomorrow. We’ve hardly got any lessons – so I don’t see the point in us going in at all really, it does seem stupid. Oh well. The best thing’s games, which means… Walking through the boys’ school !!!!! WOW. It’s not all that exciting  really. It only takes about 5 minutes – the worst bit’s going under their windows and they really take the piss!

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One response to “26th February 1987

  1. stephen ward

    November 23, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    It can’t be long now ’til I crop up. I remember it as being the beginning of March.Just after I’d got some treatment to clear up my eczema. I think April 3rd was a Tuesday. I think we got off on a Friday. I’m too tired to do the math but it can’t be long now. Keep on posting!


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