25th February 1987

12 Nov

My hair is going through a weird patch at the moment. It used to be fairly short on top but it’s growing out and flops all over the place. I’m trying to grow it into a short straight bob – but although the bottom sides are the right length I’m going to have to wait for the top to grow down. It’s being dead floppy. I went into town briefly today. I remembered I had to get a present for Jenny – it’s her birthday soon – so I got a Paris travel brochure – saying I was going to get you this. And the Almaz record she sings consistently, it’s a real pain. I made her a card of all these different hairstyles on the front and saying I hope those gave you ideas for hairstyles… If not… and inside there are all these pictures of bald men and it says You could always go bald! – like a man said to us at Rackhams ages ago. Anj and Kati and maybe Nat are taking her out to Pizzaland or somewhere – but me, Helen and Helen are not included. We like her just as much as them. They could at last ask us or something. I phoned Fi this morning. She said that Andy fancies Melissa the girl he travels with to school, I’ve got to see him soon and suggest the idea of a birthday party to him!!!

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