24th February 1987

12 Nov

Today was crap and boring. I was going to go into town but I couldn’t be bothered, so I’ll go tomorrow. I’ve got to give Daddy the films to be developed so oI can have the party ones for Friday. I doubt if any of them have come out – I don’t have any great hopes. I hope I get at least one good one of Andy though. I went babysitting this afternoon. Neha really dislikes me, she cries all the time. Oh well. Prachi likes me so I’ll creep up to her. Mrs D asked if she phoned me on an evening could I come out that evening? She really takes me for granted – I’m not going to stay in just on the off-chance she’ll want me to mind the ‘girls’. I don’t even like them very much – I just like the money I get! I am knackered now and it’s 11’o clock so although this is a first time ever, I am going to not complete the page here and just go to sleep. My writing’s getting more spaced out so maybe I will fill up the page. I don’t know. Doesn’t look like it.


Dear Jessica,

Thanks for your posh letter. I was going to get you one of those ‘sorry this is late (but I’m a forgetful bastard)’ cards but they were really creepy, climey and generally vile (I didn’t like them!). I think your paper’s great. DId you notice the weather outside the window in the picture? How did you guess? Are you psychic or something? I’ve just had my dinner (at 4 o’clock) I turned the telly on, saw Button Moon and realised that I’d forgotten to have dinner. I guess that’s what comes of getting up and having breakfast in the early hours of the afternoon. Yep. You guessed it. I’m not at school today.

I’ve been off since Friday with Tonsilitis (or it could be glandular fever). Today’s Tuesday (I had to look in the Radio Times to find out whether I’d had Monday or not! Must have been a memorable day!) Did you enjoy the party? I don’t know Rob F.

When we meet up, it will have to be on a Sunday cos I work on Saturday. Cinemas open on Sundays don’t they? It’d be better if we met up once at school, so that we can recognise each other. The trouble with red carnations is that there’s bound to be someone from a computer dating agency wearing one as well! I’m sure that if we both brought big bright orange flags to wave above our heads we’d know each other straight away. Are Sundays alright for you? Hope so. Any Sunday’s fine with me. Whoops no more space left. Write back soon.

Jon xx

PS Hope you can read my writing. No one else can.

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