23rd February 1987

12 Nov


We’ve just got back from the ‘most exclusive nightclub in town’. Complete load of crap. It’s really young, only about 2 people actually over 18. It was okay – really. I had a laugh and that. Emma is now reading this so unfortunately I I can’t write very deep meaningful thoughts as per usual of course. Duncan went and tried to get off with Anj – she got off with Matt H – silly cow, he’s a real user, just about everyone’s got off with him, silly spastic. He’s dead cool and nice, I sort of tried to get off with him but it didn’t pay off – at least we’re better friends now than we were.

Tuesday: I couldn’t be bothered to finish that yesterday I was so knackered. I had quite a good time really. Emma’s really changed. She wore a men’s double breasted navy suit (massive) and white top and had this really sharonny bag. She’s ever such a trendy now – instead of being a classy dresser that is. All the people there weren’t her kind of people i.e. black and rough. I prefer knowing where you are with people not having to act dead tough or anything.

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