22nd February 1987

12 Nov

This is written on Monday on the train back to Birmingham which is rather naughty – as I forgot to write it yesterday. We didn’t really do much yesterdat – we went out to two car boot sales, one in Bracknell and one in Wokingham, There were some lovely bovver boots for only 30p, but they were too small. I only bought a record of the Waltons theme music and a My Guy annual which is a complete load of crap – all the stories turn out well and stuff like that. In the afternoon we walked round the lake and Hils and Alice went off together thank go – they are being real prats. I went out for a fag later and that was about all that happened. I phoned Emma to try and make the arrangements for tomorrow night. She was out for ages and then she’d gone out and she’s phoning tomorrow morning (this morning) at 11.30-12. I though the train got in at 10.46 but it’s 11.46 and if we have to take Hilary home I’ll take the bus home. I’m really looking forward to Edwards – I’ve decided if Emma suddenly finds she can’t go I’ll phone up Andy and ask him if he wants to go – just as friends of course. I doubt if he’ll want to go, but if she can’t go – she’d better be able to  – I’ve not seen her for ages and ages and ages.

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