21st February 1987

12 Nov

We went to Basingstoke today. It took ages to get into the centre and find the shops – but we did eventually. There were just the usual shops in a nasty shopping centre. I tried to find a nice black dress – I tried on a nice sort of long jacket and skirt one – but it wasn’t really my sort of style and it seemed a bit much just to wear it a few times – £20. I spent the whole day traipsing round trying on loads of stuff but I couldn’t find anything. I bought a man’s black dress jacket for £4 which was in the Sue Ryder shop. It’s really nice. I expect I’ll end up just getting a bowtie and wearing that. Hilary is dead weird – she looks just like one of the men off Home Sweet Home , she’s really young and says all the wrong things, like talking about school and her school friends when me and M are with her and Alice. She is quite sweet though. They bought this hair mousse stuff to colour their hair and tried to colour it. Hilary’s looked a bit darker but Alice’s just stayed the same. I’m watching a James Dean film at the moment, Giant, it goes on till 1, so I don’t know if I’ll see it all. I wish Rebel Without a Cause was on, I’d love to see that!

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