20th February 1987

12 Nov

I’m writing this in M’s home, which is a bit of a risk cos Alice might try and read this, but she probably has already so it won’t make much difference. We broke up for half term today, thank god – school was really getting awful. Helen T was in an awful mood cos of everyone going to Edward’s. Jenny and Anj are going now, although it’s a bit iffy if they’ll get in, especially as Jenny won’t wear any make-up. Helen reckons that becuase it’s her sister’s and her sister’s best friend’s party she’s got a really big part in it, and everyone’s just ignoring her. Most people got the tickets off other people anyway and she didn’t even try and get us lot any. I can see her point about Jen and Anj, but they may not go anyway. I’m going to phone Andy and see if he’s going.  I wish I’d got another ticket so I could invit ehim, I didn’t see him at all today – worse luck. He may go on Monday, but I dunno. Straker said a few L6th were going and nearly all U6th are. Faye knows them all SO well! Stupid cow. Me and Anj and Duncan went into town after school and went to McDonald’s and Rackhams and I met Georgia and Anne and sat with them and had a few fags. I hope I’ll be able to have some tomorrow. That’ll be the only time I’ll be able to really.

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