19th February 1987

12 Nov

On Monday me and Emma are going to Edwards No 8 nightclub. Helen’s sister’s best friend  – Suzy – is having a party there – but they open it to the public as well. Hopefuly Helen will be able to scrounge some tickets from somewhere for us – otherwiwe we’ll have to pay on the door and it might be more difficult for us to get in. We should be allright though. I’ve just been trying on all my clothes to find something that looks nice and old and ‘sexy’. I think I’ll wear my red skirt and white shirt and waistcoat, and, if I can get one, a red dicky bow! I’ve GOT to see Andy tomorrow – and I’ll ask him if he’s going and make it clear I’m going so he can go etc etc etc! It’ll probably turn out he’s going away for the hols or something. Half term tomorrow – ACE! I don’t know if anyone’s doing anything special after school – I’ve got to get some stuff from the optician’s so I’ll have to go into town, but I don’t want to have my lunch there cos of money! I don’t think I’ve got very much left – I’ll have to be more careful with it. Me and Kati went up the chippy again at lunch, I’m getting on to 3 a day now, but Kati owes me 2 so I’m ok for fags. I used to be just 1 a day – its really going up!

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