17th February 1987

12 Oct

I’ve put Selwyn in with Harri and Micki. I hope they’re ok otgther – they seem to be getting on alright. Harri and Micki have grown really fast – they’re nearly Jiffi’s size, but without his muscles! He’s with me now! Nothing very exciting happened in school today, I didn’t even see Andy. I was going to go out at lunch but I went to see Mrs Tritt instead about careers. I don’t know what I want to do. I thought either:

Pilot, interesting, BUT need £30 thous. and double maths and physics A level. Astronaut, ditto A level. Vet, not bright enough. Ambassador, wait too long (mid forties), Psychologist, this is probably what I’ll end up doing – veterinary psychology, I like biology, am interested in psychology, and I’ve always wanted to do something with animals. I think the’re forcing this stuff on us a bit early. How are we to know what we want to do and read and university now – we’re only 14 or 15, so we’ve got at least another 3 years, probably 4. I saw William today, he was quite nice and wanted to know if I’d got off with Andy H a few weeks ago. Fi likes him, but she can’t even remember what he looks like, so god knows what she’s supposed to do. I wish he’d come down to Winterbourne to chat with us, not just go to parties.

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