16th February 1987

12 Oct

Of course I managed to miss Andy this morning – how I always manage to miss him I don’t know! I was too early today! I saw him at lunch though with some L6th girls dressed up in tarty school clothes and the people he travels to school with and Corin. I just said Hi! to him, that’s all though! I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself on Friday fortunately, no one really mentioned the party. Monica’s sent a Valentine to Mr Freeman Hardy Willis – it says in big letters on the front I Love You, and the letters are made of writing – eg I love the way you wear your hair, etc – which she underlined, and inside it said ‘are you getting the message’. I wrote:

I have admired you from afar, You are super – a real star! What it says on this card is true, From the bottom of my heart, I Love You!

I wonder if he’ll guess who it’s off!! Helen met Robbie today and said she couldn’t see him at all this or next weekend, but he told Elliot (and Sam) that she’d asked to see him tomorrow, which is total crap! He’s weird. Fi has decided she only likes Andy , doesn’t fancy him. I hope I see him tomorrow. I think Pops might have seen my fag packet poking out of my blazer pocket. He didn’t say anything though.

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