15th February 1987

12 Oct

Stupid cow Fi has decided she fancies Andy. Silly cow! She knows I’m obsessed with him – I flipping talk about him all the time and everything! She phoned me up this afternoon and was going – I don’t know if I fancy him or not – then she goes – should I ask him out. Stupid bitch. I’m going on the bus hopefully with him tomorrow I can talk to him then. I hope he doesn’t mention the Valentine. I bet it’s the only one he got! Me and Fi might be able to have a joint party – that would be ace – we’d have ‘admit 2’ invitations so we could dget some new people to come. Either in 2 or 3 weeks, probably 2 it would be. A better idea would be for Andy to have a birthday party, that would be better – cos it would mean we wouldn’t have to spend out loads on booze etc! I phoned Helen T she seems fine, she’s annoyed that BA fancies her. I don’t reckon she is really, she’s quite flattered really, I reckon. I also phoned Jo and she said I should deff Andy as I’m starting to make a fool of myself. I’ve already done that. She’s right though, he’s had ample opportunity to get it together with me and unless there’s something wrong with him that makes him unable to talk to me, he would’ve made an effort. I should be nicer to him though, I just ignored him some of the time.

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