13th February 1987

12 Oct


6.10 Tam’s washing her hair and I am in a great deal of excitement!! Only 2 hours, and we’ll be on the train, WITH ANDY! Well, maybe not with him, but on the same train! I’ve got loads of film so I can get photos of everyone!

Saturday 11.05 It wsa a fairly good party. I didn’t get off with Andy. In a way I’m glad, because now I might be wondering if he’s just using me again. I’m going to get his bus in the morning, or fix it so I do (Monday) and I’ll chat with him then. I like him a lot, and me and Tam and him came on the train together, which was ace and surprisingly enough I wasn’t embarrassed really. He was being nice to me then and at the party. He wore a really revealing toga – to show off his tanned body – I got loads of photos of it, but they probably won’t come out, so I’ll take more at school. I felt so sorry for Andy cos everyone was making ‘wallets’ jokes, and he was getting really embarrassed, and going ‘what’s this about my wallet’, so then Rich M told him, and he was so embarrassed – I could’ve cried!! He said he was the only day of the year he’d had it s a friend got it him! At least now he knows everyone knows. I really embarrassed myself. I had quite a lot to drink and was a bit ‘tiddly’. Fi, Helen and Andy went out for a walk, and me BA, Anj and Jenny also went out, a bit later. When we were coming up the road to Rob’s house we could see Fi and Andy and Helen together and Helen came to us,  but the other two ran off. They actually went and hid in a bush in Rob’s driveway but I didn’t know this. So me, BA, Helen, Anj and Jen were walking up the drive and apparently I was stomping around going – where are they? And stuff like that – but Andy was WATCHING. Then I went in and they crept in the back and went upstairs where they tried to hide. Andy went in a ‘hole in the wall’ place and Fi just stood by the wardrobe. I had by then given all the lads Happy Valentine’s Day kisses ad was looking for Andy in an unaware state to give him his. I went in the room, only seeing Fi, went out, then went back in, and Andy was just getting out of the cupboard! So I gave him a kiss and then went off. But then I didn’t know him and Fi had seen how angry I was when they’d gone missing! I do know now of course.  (I wonder what he’s thought of the Valentine).

When we were sleeping I kept rolling into the back of him when there was the whole floor space available – I just pretended I was asleep!! Emma hates Andy apparently, so I don’t have to worry about her. Someone has to have a party quick – so I can get off with Andy – it’ll happen soon I can tell. Fi said he said he liked me and he said to Rob – something may happen, it may not.

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