9th February 1987

02 Oct

I saw Andy in the dinner queue at recess today and he smiled asort of at me – I definitely prefer him to Jamie, although Jamie’s nice. Me and Fi are going in search of him tomorrow lunch cos she hasn’t met him. On the bus home I asked Dan who else was going and Rhon said something like ‘she’s not invited’ and he said ‘isn’t she, why not’ and Rhon said something. Everyone else has been given invitations so I don’t really think I am, but Fi says she’ll put a good word in for me. I wish Rhon’d said something to me about it though. Helen T didn’t come to school today. She’s got a temperature apparently! Kati and Anj said she’d really went on about all the boys who were either looking down her shirt (at absolutely nothing) or wanted to get off with her. There was only BA who would’ve done apparently, and he would’ve got off with anyone! Kati got off with Jeremy C – what a div, but it was only a one night stand, so I suppose it doesn’t matter. Kati, Nat and Anj say they’re not coming in tomorrow, but I bet they do. I hope Helen T doesn’t. It was nice and peaceful without her. The BPI awards were on tonight – Peter Gabriel won best male vocalist, Kate Bush female, 5 Star were best group, Housemartins best newcomers, Dire Straits best album, Pet Shop Boys, West End Girls best single, Eric Clapton big contribution.

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