8th February 1987

02 Oct

As I say every Sunday, Sunday is a very boring day. We got up about 10 and Tam went at 11, we took her back. She decided she doesn’t like Jamie I don’t think Helen could have got off with him cos he would have tasted of smoke and she wouldn’t have liked that. I smelt the clothes I wore and they smelt dreadful.To Farwell’s I am going to wear the same thing: silver jewellery, baggy black polo nexk top, Egyptian trousers, cos I looked nice, even Rob said so. He’s nice. Kati, Helen and Nat are always slagging him off, but in reality he’s nice. We three are going to write him a thank you letter tomorrow, but we don’t want Helen T to read it. I feel sorry for  Helen C cos she’s got no one to talk to , as Helen T would just take the mickey if she said she was really obsessed by someone. Helen T annoys me sometimes, but she can be nice other times. She’s weird. I like Helen C at the moment, we’re getting on well.

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