7th February 1987

02 Oct

Rob’s party was a real wow! Helen C came with me and Tam cos I met her in town and she said she’d like to go. We got there and all the boys were huddled in one corner – SMOKING – and the girls that were there were on their way out, and they were really nice – fortunately!!! We played all these ace games – SPIN THE BOTTLE! I was fortunate enough to get ANDREW B or as he is now better known – Slobber Lips. It was like being kissed by a sponge – yuk yuk yuk!!! Then we played Musical Laps and I got Jamie, Mr Superstud – who me, Helen and Tam are all after. He is lovely! I am going to send him a Valentine card. I hope he sends me one – he knows my address cos he gave me Helen C and Tam a lift to my house. Of course I sat in the front next to (gorgeous) Jamie. It’s good having someone else to think about other than Andy. I’ll have to think of really cool things to write on the Valentine – it’s obviously going to be from me so I may as well sign it. Christopher is a lecherous creep, managed to shove his tongue down my throat  – Yuk yuk yuk! Rob got off with a really pretty girld called Lianne. Darren and Jamie P also got off with people and Michale M had a bloody try with 2 who obviously aren’t interested. I also had the thrill of seeing Mike M in his underpants! Now I can dream about Jamie!!!!!!!

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