6th February 1987

02 Oct

I have decided to go to Rob’s party. He phoned me up again tonight and I said I’d go with Tam, so she’s coming here at about half 5, we’re getting a lift back with Simon T. I’ve got my Valentine cards – I’m sending one that says on the outside ‘Mush Alert … Now that you’ve been propery warned, you may now turn the page’. Inside it says in big letters ‘I LOVE YOU so please will you BE MY VALENTINE’. I think I’ll write ‘To Mr Suntan Himself, lots of love, a secret admirer’ so he can find out who calls him Mr Suntan! I’ll call him that insistently through the week. I got another one as well. Outside ‘Someone wishes you’d be their one special valentine’ Inside ‘Me wishes you’d etc etc’. It’s gorgeous. If I got involved with anyone (hopefully Jamie P) tomorrow night I’ll send it to them. I like Jamie, he’s a laugh, and he’s quite nice even if he is vulgar and likes reggae. I woudln’t mind getting off with him for one night. It would give me someone to think about other than Mr Suntan. Kati,  Anj and Helen T are going to Jo M’s party tomorrow night, but they haven’t got tickets so they don’t know if they’ll get in or not. I hope they do so they’ll have something to tell everyone.

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