5th February 1987

02 Oct

I had a terrible experience on the bus today. I ran to get the 61 and nearly got on, but the driver ‘didn’t see me’ and shut the doors – on my folder! So I ran along after the bus trying to pull it out of the doors but I couldn’t budge it – so I just left the bus. Fortunately when I phoned the Lost Property office they have it so I can go and collect it tomorrow morning. Rob phoned me tonight. He’s having a party on the 13th, but seeing as we’re all going to Farwell’s and we’re the only girls he knows, he’s changing it to this Saturday. He invited  Emma but she can’t go this Sat, only next Sat. I said I’d go if Jeremy went so Rob agreed to that. I had a chat with Jamie who said Anj could ask him out any time, but I said she was only joking. He was being really nice – I want to go to this party if him and Jeremy’ll be there, should be a laugh, but I doubt if no one else (girls) will go. I phoned Emma and she seems allright – she’s changed to a real Shaz he music is all soul/funk and I like the opposite of that. I’m considering what it would be like going out with Jeremy again – I don’t think I want to go back to being pally with the 4th year boys, I’d rather stick to Andy H.

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