4th February 1987

02 Oct

Nothing very exciting happened today. Apparently on the special this morning Matthew H was asking who I was and what I looked like. He wouldn’t say why he wanted to know though. Kati reckons it’s either he wanted to know who’s after Andy H or Jon, the boy I writ to (or used to write to) wants to know cos he fancies me or something. I don’t even know him but I’m not averse to meeting him. I wrote him another letter today. Jim B is bisexual apparently so that puts a damper on Helen, Kati and Rachel’s chances. I saw him today, he looked ‘the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen him look’ according to Julie in the second year. Mary Cutter came into school today for our drama thing this afternoon, she writes for Crossroads and used to write for the Archers. She talked to use about script writing for soap operas and then we had to get into groups and write our own. It was really hard – I was with Kati, Nat and Monica and we only got as far as working out the characters and their background. I cut my hair at the back tonight, I’ve got the line straight but underneath it’s all patchy, I hope it’s all right and no one notices it., I meant to buy some Valentine cards tonight but I didn’t feel like buying anything and I forgot my WH Smiths vouchers. Only 10 days to Farwell’s party. Andy has to go – I’ll kill him if he doesn’t!

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