3rd February 1987

02 Oct

Babysitting 4.30-7

I missed Andy by about 5 minutes at lunch, cos he was outside and I was indoors, on my way outside. I don’t know what I’m going to do about him – I thought I’d just forget about him, but I can’t. I’m going to send him a Valentine’s card, I’m buying it tomorrow, I’ve written a sort of story, but I don’t know whether to sent that to him or not. It’s going to be so obvious it’s from me though – the boy in it wears a black mac and picked the girl up at a party. I’m going to send copies of it off to Just 17 and Mizz magazines, I’d love it if they printed it – I doubt whether they would – but I’d become a celebrity! Daniel is writing me a note to apologise. I have now written him two because Rhon lost the first – then she found it again. He’s so nice – but I can’t fancy him because of Rhon. Me and Helen went outside at dinner and we saw Jim B with some friends outside the boys dinner hall and we walked past. Helen told Kati later that Jim looked straight at her! Crap! He looked generally in our direction, not at her in particular. I may see Andy tomorrow after school at the bus stop or some other itme. I’ll have to speak to him cos I said I would in the letter, but it’s going to be really awful and embarrassing. I’ll die!!!

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