31st January 1987

02 Oct

It’s obviously going to be difficult writing straight with all these things stapled in! But I don’t want to lose some things, and I’ll want to look back on them, knowing when such and such a thing happened and how I felt about it instead of just vaguely thinking of something. I had quite an enjoyable day today – surprisingly enough. I met Louise at Cannon Hill and she’s fine, she’s grown up as well, which is good! I said I’d phone her tonight but I didn’t get round to it. I ‘ll do it tomorrow. We went into Rackhams cafe and met Kati and Amelia I thought she was Helen T at first! We played this ‘ace’ game with the cellophane of a fag packed and a fag and a penny. then Jenny came and then they were surprised to see me but didn’t say anything. Fiona and Richard came then, and went soo after. Maybe they’ll go out together I doubt it though. When we left, Anj went home, and we met Dan, Rhon, Paul and Dave. We tried to avoid them but I wanted to have a go at Daniel cos he read my note to Andywithout me saying so. I was really annoyed – but he’s quite cute really! I think got some writing paper and went home to do all my thank you letters. I thought of phoning Jeremy to see how he is – but I didn’t get round to it. I will tomorrow.

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