2nd February 1987

02 Oct

Babysitting 4.30-7

Helen appears to be getting back friends with everyone. I am annoyed with her, she really used me on Friday and she is using me to go round with cos no one else will. In Basketball she was being a real ball hogger and she gave me a massive cut on my hand she was so keen to get the ball! Stupid cow. I didn’t see Andy today – I expect he’s trying to keep out of my way. Dan will have given me my note – I hope he thinks it’s okay. I wrote Dan a really sarky note apologising for my behaviour towards him. Rhon’s got it – but it looks as though she’d avoiding him at the moment. I like Dan he makes you feel really at ease. I’m meeting Monica in town tomorrow, at 8.15 again. I hope she’s there and I hope Andy isn’t. I’m dreading facing him. Me and Kati watched Rachel and Fay doing their dance for the dance competition at lunch time. It was quite good, but it was just basically wiggling shoulders and chest and throwing head about. Fay of course had to let her hair down and let it all swing around, stupid slag! I keep thinking of Andy – it’s terrible! I sort of know it’s all finished – what there was – but then I think Oh well, I may still have a chance. I don’t know, I so hope he goes to Farwell’s party – he’ll have to!

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