1st February 1987

02 Oct

Another crap Sunday. I’m wirting this at 11.30 so it’ll be messy or I’ll be up ages and I’ll be knackered for school tomorrow. I’ve watched a film on BBC2 – East of Ipswich – about a boy on holiday. It was really good. When we go on hols this year I want to go to  a hotel so I can meet people. I’m 15 and I’ve never had a holiday romance. I suppose that’s previously been cos of the way I look but I’m fairly attractive now, so I can be more confident. At Farwell’s I’m going to really try and get off with Andy again, but this time properly. I don’t care if he’s using me – well I do actually, I’ll ask him if it’s going to be a one night thing if it looks like happening again, I’ll plan to ask anyway. I want to go out with someone again. I’d like to see Jeremy of phone him or something – to see how he is – not to go out with or anything, just to see how he is. I thought I saw him today but it can’t have been him. I was going to phone him but didn’t. Tomorrow will be awful. There’s going to be a really uncomfortable situation with Helen T as no one really likes her. Poor cow. Basketball 5th lesson’ll be the worst! I hope Nat’s away – she’s the biggest bitch.

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