11th February 1987

02 Oct

Creepo Jon has written again – see letter – he is such a creep and he seems desperate. It’s Jon M apparently, a boy we used to laugh at out of the window. Andy wore his headphones into school today. Anj and Fi saw him outside and Fi has been introduced, but she says she hates him, how on earth she can tell after just one meeting!! I’m going to try and get into school late tomorrow so I see him. I want to know if he’s going to Farwell’s party. I’m going with Tam and Fi and Nick and Matthew and Annabel and Claire. I don’tknow the last two but Fi sasy they’re nice. I don’t think anyone’s wearing a toga (well, Farwell is!) Fi’s going to use this as her great chance to get off with Matt. I’m going to try with Andy, but it’ll probably be really embarrassing for us both. I hope we play loads of stupid games. Helen T was back today! We saw BA in the boys school cos we all went to see the Salad Days photos and Helen was acting really embarrassed, as though something really awful had happened between them. She’s got a fixation about all these boys fancying her. We had a real laugh in drama today, us four – me, Kati, Nat, Monica – are supposed to be writing soap opera, but we were laughing the whole time – it was ace.

“Dear Jessica

Of course I remember you. (how could I forget) I certainly hope it isn’t changed to condom day – be my condom doesn’t quite have the same ring as be my valentine. I hope you had a great wednesday January 28th. Just think, you’ve got penpals in Reading, Yorkshire, Brum , Singapore, Canada and – wait for it – BROMSGROVE. What a thrill! Sorry about the last letter, I did actually write a couple of days after I got your letter, but Sid didn’t go on the bus for ages after I gave it to him, so you didn’t get it for a week or so later. It would be quicker by post. What’s your address? Here’s mine:

Actually would be even quicker by phone¬† – here’s mine:

I’ve just thought of a great new chat up line: “Hiya darling, hey, I use a condom, so you’re safe with me” Good eh? I bet there’ll be a kids cartoon out soon with Charlie the Condom who can protect you from AIDS and was made in the secret durex factory in an iceberg somewhere.

Right! THat’s enough bullshit for one letter. I’d better think of something serious to say. Did you know that I was still wearing my pyjamas at 2 this afternoon. Could I see you sometime soon. You are the first person I’ve sent a birthday card to who I’ve never seen before. What an honour! I’d better finish now cos the maths lesson is just starting. See ya (I hope)

Lots of luv


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