10th February 1987

02 Oct

Kati and Helen T and Rhon were away today. It’s nice without them. Andy wore a really stupid hat to school today, he looked an utter prat – it’s a black trilby hat and it’s nice, but not for school!!! Me and Fi went in search of him at lunch but we didn’t see him or anyone really, except for Paula and Roger and Daniel and Fay. I hate Fay. Apparently she’s going out with Simon J!!!!!That’s Simon and Paul and Simon’s supposed to be going out with Shamila! She’s a real cow – I hate her. We had a chemistry practical today which Rachel dodged out of. She’s really letting herself down, she doesn’t hand in any work and just goes to Mrs Knight’s whenever she feels like it. Fi is quite good friends with Farwell so she’s going to get me invited. I’m really worried that I’m not, cos everyone else has got invitations. I’ve got one, but it’s got Dan on it, so I coudln’t really use that. I’d better be able to go, it’s going to be about the only chance I’ll get with Andy now and if I don’t go I’ll just have to forget it.

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