28th January 1987

23 Sep


No card from Andy – BUT Daniel spoke to him and he said I’ll see her at Farwill’s party and got very embarrassed. I then decided to ask him out at dinner but he was going on a hockey trip to Coventry. SO I phoned up this evening but he was still out, so I gave my phone number – which means he’s now got it, ACE, and said tell him to phone if he gets in before half ten, but he hasn’t phoned. I might see him on the bus with Monica. I’m meeting her at 8.15 in town. Perhaps Andy will be there!! For my birthday I got ace jumper, knitted by M – gorgeous, moist tissues, note pad, transfer, about £30, gel spray off Anj, lipstick and choc. orange – Nat, brooch – Jen, paper and book and pen – Helen T, skin stuff – Helen C, something on Monday – Kati, Carol and Monica said they’d bring theirs in tomorrow. I had a pretty ace birthday, saw Andy this morning – he was going to sing but was too embarrassed (I’m besotted with him so excuse ramblings) managed to avoid the bumps. I fell out with sexy Peter in the dinner hall (ha ha) I said he was too old to go to a disco. We had this fabbo make-up talk in Drama. This old tart came in a did a make-over on Jo and Julie. Julie looked really nice, but Jo had too bright a lipstick.

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