27th January 1987

23 Sep

Wow only a few hours to go! The thing that would brighten up my day the most would be a card from Andy. That would be very nice. I went a whole day without seeing him today  – except this morning out of the window. I said after I’d seen him that my morning was complete. Very true. Lunch time was awful today. Jenny, Nat, Anj and Kate were really going off and so I just left them, preferring to go somewhere else than be a real tagger. But of course Helen T had to go with them whihc made them be more bitchy to her. I went down to the dinner hall with Rhon and Sam, and they were there and kept saying (Nat mainly) things like – When shall we make our escape – in loud whispers etc. Bitches. Helen was really annoyed and upset. Then Helen C came and the other four ran off and hid in the games shed, then went down to Winterbourne. I told the Helens that Kati hadn’t really spoken to Jim B – who they both fancy – and they were annoyed. I’m not surprised, but do Helen and Katie really think they have a hope in hell with him??? Anj and Ollie M – ha ha ha! Kati and Nat are doing all they can for her, but he’d never go out with a 4th year – hardly any of the boys will. Andy at least isn’t embarrassed to talk to me.

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