25th January 1987

23 Sep


As usual Sunday was a really boring day. We washed the car this morning which was pretty crap and boring, then had lunch, and watched Eastenders, and I did 3 hours work while a Cary Grant film was on . I like old films, romances and musicals better than modern ones, I think they have a lovely atmosphere. Then I had a depressing think about how we’ve been given the earth and the only thing people can do with it is cock it up. It’s really a massive mess, with thousands of millionaires in one country and millions of starving in others. I was hoping someone would phone this evening, preferably with the name Andy, but no one did, not even for anyone else. Oh well. Ricky’s seeing him tomorrow, and I may see him myself. Hope so. This birthday is going to be crap. Unless Andy sends me a card I’m going to be a real mood. I hope Helen C hasn’t got me another mug. Actually I like the one she got me for Xmas it’s really nice and big. I have decided to call my other rat Michelle, Micki for short, so it’s Harri and Micki, after Harriet Makepeace and Michael Dempsey. I think it’s Michael. It’s weird writing in a diary. It’ll be something for me to look back on over the years.

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