23rd January 1987

21 Sep

This is about Friday although written on Saturday.

I didn’t see Andy today unfortunately – Anj saw him twice lucky cow. If he’s interested in me I reckon he’ll phone me or send me a birthday card or something. He’d better send me a card – I’ll be annoyed if he doesn’t. I’ll see him at the bus stop after school probably. I saw William he was being really nice to me. He’s ever so sweet. He’s broken his collar bone. He says Jeremy (who I saw today and I don’t think he recognised me) hates me. Ha ha! Andy’s actually the first person I’ve seriously fancied since Jeremy. Richard’s definitely going to see him on Monday and I’ve said he can say what I feel. Farwill’s having a toga party on the 13th, should be crap if Andy’s not there – good if he is. I don’t know how we’re supposed to get there in flipping togas – I’m wearing a vest, T-shirt and boxer shorts under mine in case of any ‘fun and games’ thought up by Farwill. He’s a prat. In English Miss Jines said when she was younger she protested against the atom bomb and she’s still against it, but she’s used to the horror of it. That really annoyed me, if she protested and marched and stuff when younger, why has she wasted her life doing something so insignificant as teaching English. How hypocritical of her. If it just goes on with every generation of teenagers protesting as teenagers, then ‘getting used to the horror of it’ and buggering off to do something crap – or even becoming a politician and AGREEING with their earlier things they were AGAINST! It’s just a vicious circle.  If I start something off – protesting or whatever, I’m going to keep at it as long as I am able. Miss Jines isn’t even bloody active as a protestor anymore. It was just something rebellious to do. GOD! IT MAKES ME SICK!!! These adults can’t be bothered to shift their arses to make our world, their children’s world, a better, safer, more peaceful place. They just sit on their arses doing useless things like English teaching. I want my children to have a good world, and I’ll fight for their right to be brought into a peaceful one, unlike many ‘adults’ who couldn’t give a shit about anything other than how big their fucking house is, how much money they’ve got and how nice they bloody look.

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