22nd January 1987

21 Sep

Thursday ‘Salad Days’

Richard spoke to Andy today to see what he thinks of me. I saw him at Salad Days and he was friendly, but he didn’t go out of his way to speak to me – mind you, I didn’t want to speak to him. But when he was going he goes ‘Bye everyone’ and then we had a massive eye meet. He’s gorgeous! Salad Days was ACE – It was really funny. Rhon and Rach didn’t do a lot at all. Sam did the most – she had this awful miniature costume as Cleopatra, she looked really tarty. Richard J was funny – he as doing his daning and he had this massive grin on his face it was really sickly! Jim B played the lead part – he’s gorgeous – he’s got a really cute little face. I went to the dentists this morning cos of the black bits in my teeth. He muttered something about filling work and then polished them and the bits have gone i think – I haven’t actually checked. I’m dreading tomorrow morning cos Jo comes in early and she’ll know what Andy said. He’s probably just said, ‘Oh, I like her but that’s all!’ I hope Rich has got him to tell the truth so I know how he really feels. I’ll be annoyed if he’s just used me as he didn’t have anything better to do.

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