21st January 1987

21 Sep

Today at recess it was the double thumbs up from Jeff. I was really thrilled then I was terrified! I had a massive slag-up at about 20 past, then me, Helen T, Helen C and Nat all went out, them supposedly to look in the art block. Me and Helen C were coming round the corner and I could’ve died cos he was just walking up. I was going to go back then, but Helen forced me to see him, then the other three went. I asked him if it was a one night thing, and he said ‘Afraid it sort of was’. So I said ‘That’s what I thought,’ I didn’t want him to think I did that all the time. He said it had got round everywhere and he hadn’t told anyone. So I said I had only told Tam and Anj and it got round everywhere. We just chatted away then about loads of stuff. He said when he was little (8, 9) he would copy out loads of stuff from books about animals and keep it in a file, and he had a map with pins on it saying which animals could be found where. I just cracked up and he was standing there just sort of smiling. We  had ever such a good conversation, we were getting on dead well. Me, Anj and Fi (stupid prick says to me, what would you do if he fancied me and I went out with him. She doesn’t see how horrid that is). We saw him and his mates at the bus stop but they sat downstairs. I expect he was avoiding me and Anj. We followed them to the station, but lost them in the Pallasades. It was really funny. I phoned Jo last night and she’s going to get Ricky to ask Andy casually what he thinks of me and would he go out with me and all that sort of stuff. I bet he’s getting really sick of me. I really like him though and I can’t let this chance pass me by. If he wasn’t so nice looking and nice it would be easier. But it isn’t. I’m not going in to school tomorrow cos I have to see the dentist at 11.15 and there’s no point in going in for the first two lessons.

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One response to “21st January 1987

  1. kindkerry80

    March 13, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    The 80’s ROCK! (nuff said)


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