8th January 1987

20 Sep

It is SO COLD Our heating has packed up and I am FREEZING! Today was a laugh – as usual. We’re going to dissect an eye in biology next week. Jon, who we sent a Xmas to out of our window about Helen T has written back. He was dead nice looking so I’m writing back. Maybe we’ll end up together – unlikely – but you never know. Anj and Tam were away today. It was good being part of a 6. It’s awful being the extra one, cos I always have to pretend I don’t mind about them going off and me being with someone else. Fortunately we’re not in 6’s too often! We had a real laugh at lunchtime. Elise and Kate and them had filled a coke can with water, salt, vinegar etc and offered it round. Of course I was stupid enough to have some, so I ran round after Esther throwing it around. then I got Kate a bit on the sleeve and she moaned and moaned and moaned. What a pain in the arse!! I haven’t seen anyone interesting this term yet. I saw Daniel today –  Idon’t think he really recognised me. he’s quite nice really, even if his hair is stupid. I went to the pet shop, I’m getting a tank for £21.25.

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