7th January 1987

20 Sep


Well, what an ace day! Everyone was back except for Tam. Becky J has had her hair changed – bob and a FRINGE! It looks ok. Rachel’s had hers done in a centre parting flicked back – bob. She’s gone from dead pretty to ugly! I haven’t really spoken to Kati yet but everyone else sthought I looked nice. Fi said Anj had told her I looked pretty – she would’ve meant it, Anj always speaks her mind!!! We had a form period – i.e. a doss about and we just talked about the holidays and TV and that. Nat’s getting really friendly with a boy called James she sees a lot. Rhon’s having a party next Sat. None of the girls really want to go, but I wouldn’t mind, I feel much more confident. Jeremy asked Heather and Anj to go with him to Heartbreak Ridge. I’ve got to see him! Peter in the dinner hall said my look was a definite improvement. He’s really nice- if only I was older!! We saw Adrian today – what a disaster!! He’s so gooky I don’t believe it. How could I ever have fancied him. Roger’s going out with a L6th and now won’t speak to stupid 4th years. He’s so PRETENTIOUS.

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