5th January 1987

20 Sep

Babysitting – 39 Pavenham Dr. 9.50

If I had forgotten about the babysitting it would be a bit late for me to remember it now!! I did go round to babysit for Prami and Nuha today. They are lovely – but a bit spoilt, especially Nuha. Prami is really annoying – she comes up behind me and grabs my neck and holds on to I can’t breathe or move! I am trying to stick to a routing in the mornings. This is my planned one for school:

6.50 Get up, do lenses, go to loo, do hair. 7.00 Clearasil, dress, hair. 7.15 – breakfast. 7.30 Teeth, make up. 7.35 Collect everything for school. 7.45 Leave for school.

Evenings: Loo, undress, lenses (and teeth), facial scrub alternate days, bed, diary, read, sleep.

I don’t know how I’d going to manage getting up early on Wednesday – I’ve got so used to going to bed at 11.30 or even later, and waking about 10. I’m having a bit of an early night tonight – I want lights off at 10.30. It’s now 10.02. There’ll be more to write about when we go back to school. I’m quite looking forward to it really, hopefully Nat, Jen, Anj and Kati won’t go off in a 4. That would be awful.

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