4th January 1987

20 Sep

As usual, Sunday was a nothing day. We just pottered about doing nothing really. So here is some of my will:

All my money – the family except for 75p to Jenny for some lizard earrings. Earrings – Nat and Kati equally as they’ve just had their’s pierced. Jewellery – Anj. Make-up – Jenny and Helen T. Clock Radio Cassette – Anj, to wake her up on school days. Record Player – Alice as hers is crap. Records and Cassettes – Jeremy, so he can hear some real music. This Diary and My Last – to be sealed unopened in a safe, left for ten years, then passed to Helen T as she wants them. Clothes  – small ones to Anj, the rest to Nat and Helen C. They may use them as dusters. Vogue Book of Beauty – Helen T. Perhaps she will enjoy reading it.

Advice to be given to people: Rhon – don’t be false, be yourself, people will respect you more. Sam – Try making more friends. Don’t use Elliot just to satisfy your needs. Helen T – Stop flirting with everybody you meet and then shying away from them. Kati – Accept people as they are, don’t make them feel they should live up to your expectations. Jenny – Be nice to your parents – you may regret hating them one day.

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