3rd January 1987

20 Sep

I met Jenny and Anj in town today. Fion ahad said she may go but she didn’t. We sat in Rackhams Rooftop Restaurant. Loads of people were there – Including Rhon and Richard M – looking very romantic. By coincidence – said Rhon – her, Rich M, Rich J, Jeff, Jo, Andy H had al met in town and stayed overnight with Rhon. I went over to see Anj and Jenny then, they are fine, Jen had lots of stories to tell us about her hols, one of them was about when she had nearly DIED!!! SHe didn’t know what to do with her hair, and we were discussing it on the escalator and a lad behind us suggested she should shave it all off. Jenny was not amused. After we left Rackhams we went round town and I bought a black and white striped cardi for £6.99 from Chelsea Girl. We returned to Rackhams and got chatted up by one of the lads who works there. He was quite nice but there was a far nicer one with dark hard. I didn’t want to be nice with him as they would have thought I was a right flirt!! We saw Jim B who’s in L6th and really cute. He didn’t recognise us unfortunately!!!

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