20th January 1987

20 Sep

Despite all our plans Jeff didn’t see Andy, so when everyone went into the queue again (being so pissing nosy it’s not true) he just gave me the thumbs down adn a shrug! I saw him again at lunch before a Salad Days rehearsal and he hadn’t see him anywhere. Me and Jo went outside and we were coming back up to school and we saw Andy and his friends, but we were both too embarrassed to say anything. Then we went back down to the music school and we were talking to Conrad, when he walked past and he gave me a massive smile, and said hi, and I returned the smile and the hi. I still fancy him a lot. Jeff’s going to tell him to meet me tomorrow and we’re doing signals again. I hope it’s a double thumbs up this time. Or at least one thumb up. I’m going to be so nervous though. What the hell am I going to say, ‘How do you feel about me?’ ‘Do you just think of me as a girl you sort of got off with once, or is there something more?’ ‘Do you think if I asked you out, you could force yourself to go out with me?’ or something like that. I don’t know whether to just say ‘Will you go out with me, or do you want to go to such and such a place?’. It’s so difficult.

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