19th January 1987

20 Sep

I didn’t see ANdy today at all – except for out of the window early on. I phoned Jeff and Rhon up on the advice of others (Jo) and asked them what to do. Jeff said Andy wasn’t at all pissed so he knows what he was doing, and he either is a bastard who just used me, or he likes me a bit. Well, from the gorgeous way he was treating me, quite a bit, but is just too shy to say anything. Jeff’s going to say to him that I want to meet him at 1.30 outside the Foundation Office. He’s going to see me in the dinner queue at 11.05 and do a thumbs signal.

2 up = he wants to me me. 1 up = he wants to, but he can’t. 1 down = Jeff hasn’t seen him. 2 down = he doesn’t want to.

I want it to be either 2 up or 1 up as at least I’ll know if he likes me then. I So hope it is 2 up – but I don’t know what I’ll do if it is. It’ll be awful. I’ll have to go on my own unfortunately. I think seeing him is better than phoning cos the phone is so anonymous and you can’t see the other person’s face or anything. I hope my hair’s ok tomorrow – PLEASE meet me Andy!

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