18th January 1987

20 Sep


I am worried about tomorrow. I don’t know what everyone’s going to say and I don’t know what he’s going to say. I’ll probably chicken out again, like last time. I wonder if he’s told any of his friends. I hope not. I so hope he talks to me. He said on the phone he expected he’d see her in school on Monday. I hope he’s not still interested in her, cos she told Fi she hates him. The things I don’t like about him are his dress ‘sense’, his lack of dancing ability, and his shyness. If he wasn’t so shy then I might know what he thinks. I went to Helen C’s today, I phoned her up for a chat and she asked me over. It was a really good laugh. She’s just got contact leses – soft – it’s awful cos she looks dead pretty now. The only thing I’ve got on her now is a good figure. I’m going to intercept Andy on his way to school and ask if I can have a  word. I’ve got to or I’ll regret it for ages. If he isn’t walking round school then if I’m really lucky I’ll see him at the bus stop after school. Then he’s more likely to be on his own.

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