16th January 1987

20 Sep


Rhon’s party.

I have got myself in a real mess. From the beginning of the evening I fancied Andy H – he’s really sweet and nice looking. He looks like David Bowie / Ali Little. I followed him around a bit at the start, then me, Duncan, Roger, Tam, Heather, Dan, Rhon and Andy all sat round the kitchen table having a right laugh – it was so funny! We stayed there – the numbers fluctuating until there was only me, Duncan, Andy, Tam, Heather. Then everyone else cam eback and we played Never a Word – Roger and Jeff monopolised this a bit! The we decided to adjourn to the ‘orgy room’. I had to take my lenses out, so when I went into the room, Tam pointed out a space, next to ANDY – wearing just his knickers. We dossed about, then I lay on his tummy – for my pillow. When everyone was asleep he started touching my face and hands really lightly! But we never actually kissed properly. I was touching his chest. His skin’s so smooth, like a baby’s. Despite all this, in the morning he didn’t really speak to me. He was friendly but no more. I think it’s cos he’s so shy and he didn’t know how to act. On the train it was really embarrassing cos he kept looking at me and we kept having ‘eye-meets’ at least he shows he likes me a bit. I’m going to phone him tonight and say ‘You know last night? Was it just a one night thing – or is it more?’. He’ll probably say ‘What do you think?’ to which I shall say ‘I’d like it to mean more, but if you only saw it as a one night stand, there’s not much I can do.’ Hopefully he’ll say he does like me and it wasn’t just for one night.

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