13th January 1987

20 Sep


The snow was rampant today, by that I mean there’s a lot of it. I woke really late, so fortunately I got a lift to school from father, but the specials didn’t come in till 10.00-10.30! Me, helen and Jenny and Anj were hoping they wouldn’t come in at all. But they did – even though Kati, Nat and Helen T went home after 6th lesson. Helen C’s mum collected her after History – lucky cow! I got a letter from Jon, it’s here. He sounds quite nice, but I don’t know how I can engineer a meeting. He wrote to me and I’ve written back  – me only, no one else – on the envelope. I’ve just replied saying both Helens are quite nice. I told him I’d died my hair black as well. Anj and Kati and some others are going to the cinema to see Crocodile Dundee. I’m probably going as well. Anj is going to invite Matthew and Nick. I like Nick, but he thinks I act how I acted when I was pissed all the time! I’ll just have to make a good impression! It’s still snowing now, not very big flakes, but they’re not settling on top of the old snow. Hopefully it’ll carry on all night and the buses’ll take ages and so I’ll be forced to come back home and wait a bit. Elliot’s pissing Sam off at teh moment, but she won’t say anything to him, she’s being all uncertain really.

Dear Jessica, Helen, Helen,

Thanks for the card. It was really – er – nice. Why don’t you become a poet? As there are two Helens, you might as well tell me about both of them. (I actually meant the Helen you mentioned in your last card). I’m sure both the Helens are really nice and that you’re not at all strange in anyway (Help me! I’m turning into a creep!) It was you who wrote those Xmas cards before Xmas wasn’t it? I think I caught Ignorance years ago, but I haven’t died of it yet as you can probably guess. I’ve run out of things to say now.

lots of luv


P.S. I’m a bit depressed today cos I’ve been banned from the Xmas Whisky cos I had most of the bottle while my parents were away this weekend – another fascinating fact for you there!”

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