12th January 1987

20 Sep


14 Shopping Days to my Birthday

Today was the coldest day on record apparently. Everyone was going on and on about it on the news tonight. It took ages to get to school today, 7.45-8.20 at the bus stop, then I decided to walk to school. I’m wearing my snood tomorrow to keep my ears warm. Everyone at school liked my hair. After school me and Anj were at the bus stop and Darren came up and looked at me to see if it was me and when I was getting off I said bye to Roger and Jeff and they (well, Roger) said ‘Who’s that?’. So my disguise obviously worked!! The next person I want to see is Jeremy. Maybe he’ll like me more if I look nicer. Who knows? I hope so! Rhon and Jo and Rachel were writing this note I was reading in Physics. They had a chart of what percentage they think people think they are, and what percentage they are.

Rhon: real 99%, not 100%. Rach: real ? not 100%, Jo: real 95%, not 85-100%.

Conceited cows – do they think we think about that stuff all the time? We’re not as obsessed as they are! All the time those four are discussing what they’ve done in graphic detail. People say boys boast, but it’s the girls as well, especially them!

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