11th January 1987

20 Sep


I woke late today, about 10.00, but before then I was in my half asleep, half awake mode. It’s really weird, my mind is awake and thinking, but my body is fast asleep. My hair is really weird. I’m not used to it yet. I’m dreading going to school tomorrow, I hope everyone likes it. I think it’s quite nice really , but the back is still orange. There is bound to be bitching about it, whatever I did. This week’s going to be a weird one, with, I think, Jenny, Kati, Nat and Anj breaking off from me and Helen and Helen, leaving us three together. I like them all – they’re nice (the Helens) but I do feel a bit like I’m tagging on. I think I’ll have a word with them, or at least Helen C, about it tomorrow. I hope they don’t think I’m tagging cos then I’ll have no one to go round with. I’ll be really lonely. EVeyone else has a best friend, but I prefer being with more people as I’ve got more to ‘bounce off’ and that, and I’m boring on my own with just one other person. I wish I wasn’t, but I am. No one else has got enough for them to be enough for me to be allright with. Nat used to be but she isn’t anymore.

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