10th January 1987

20 Sep


I went into town this lunchtime after seeing Margaret Thatcher on Saturday Superstore. She’s a really odd lady. People were phoning in to her and one girl said, where will you be in a nuclear war, and all she said was ‘in London’ and went on about how there won’t be one. Crap. I looked round places for some jeans eventually bought some with baggy bits at the bottom. I also bought some brown and black hair dye, which I put on, meaning it to be brown and black streaks. It’s the opposite however, mostly black with brown and orange bits. It’s a bit weird, but as it’s all over it’s really prominent, more so the orange. Alice thinks it’s ‘punky’. I didn’t do much else today – watched the telly really. I tried to phone M but there was no reply, she’s probably with Helen. This is what I hope will happen with Jon: we keep writing cards, then meet, fall in love, marry, have two girls, grow old, retire, die together. Very unlikely. He’s the only ‘possible’ I can think of at the moment. Rhon and Nat successfully manage to deff me out , so although I know the lads, it doesn’t go further than that. Sam and Elliot are getting rocky. He tries to be funny but ends up being childish. I don’t like him. 

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