1st January 1987

13 Sep


The first day of my new diary. I hope I haven’t got out of the habit of writing as I haven’t written anything in my old one since before Xmas. I’m writing this at M’s home with Suzi C on the top bunk and me underneath. It’s quite warm for once. I may have to take off the thick jumper I’m wearing. Tomorrow we’re going down or up to London to look at the sales. I hope I can buy something nice to wear, I haven’t really got a style of my own at the moment! I want some trousers and a skirt, as leggings are going out of fashion, I may turn them into skirts. I hope it works., I want to try one of Louise’s leggings but I can’t really, cos what if she comes round and wants them back. We have to get up early tomorrow I don’t know how I’ll manage co I’ve been getting up about 10 each day. What the hell I’m going to do on a school day I don’t know. My New Year’s Resolutions are going to be for me to be nicer to everyone and not to bitch about everyone. I’ll try and keep them. I want to fall in love this year – who can say if I will??????

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