17th December 1986

13 Sep

I got two mugs from the Helens. I hate getting mugs, they’re very nice but not much you can do with them. A gorgeous blusher brush off Jenny, some lovelytalc off Nat, fags from Kati, some sleansing milk from Anj and basket and cottonwool and a cute picture form Abi. We were in a real doss about mood today. Me and Nat and Helen T and Monica were leaning out the window at these lads – one foul, one dead nice. Helen made me want to puke, she was being a real flirt. I said to her, You’re a massive flirt Helen, and she goes, Me!?? and a flirty laugh. God! We sent a card to the lads John and Sam saying she really fancied them and why don’t they go round on Xmas Day!!! I got loads of cards and one off Richard J  – My Hero. Heather is going out with Richard M apparently, Anj accidentally let it slip. She’s got a real big gob. Jen and Nat have given Andy her phone no. He really likes her and wants to get to know her, so he’s going to phone her up!

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